Sewing Guage

A sewing gauge is a ruler, typically 6 inches long, used for measuring short spaces. It is used to mark hems


Whisperweft Interfacing

79% viscose, 21% polyester, 1.2m wide.

Whisperweft is a medium weight weft with an increased number of rayon yarn insertions. It is ideal for light to medium weight loosley woven fabrics which require more support. Its nature is best suited to fabrics with a high natural fibre content that are hand washed or dry-cleaned.

Whisperweft requires pre-shrinking due to the rayon content. To pre-shrink successfully, soak in hot tap water for 10 minutes, then drip dry over a padded surface (e.g. a towel). We also recommend pre-shrinking the fashion fabric following manufacturer

Prairie Pointer

Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool

Prairie points add flare to many projects including quilts, garments and home dec items.

Block Marker – The Sewing Revolution

The Block MarkerTM is a 17″ square multi-purpose tool made of clear acrylic. The Block Marker can be used alone or in conjunction with either of the Sewing Revolutions. By marking the center point and the four holes on the 12″ square, the Sewing Revolution can be perfectly aligned. It differs from the other quilting squares in the respect that it works from the center point.


Double Mitre Ruler – The Sewing Revolution

Double Mitre Ruler – The Sewing Revolution

The Double Mitre Ruler Metric is designed to take the difficulty out of double mitered corners on squares, rectangles, hexagons and octagons. Any width of hem can be easily achieved on table lines, bunny rugs, placemats, curtains and soft furnishings.

Simply by following the easy step-by-step instructions and photographs it will be mastered in no time.

The Sewing Revolution 6/8

The Sewing Revolution 6/8 is a 13″ circle made of poly carbonate. From the centre point there are circles that graduate out at 1/4″ intervals. The circle is divided by 45 degree lines into 8 equal segments (red lines) and by 60 degree lines into 6 equal segments (blue lines). Repositioning marks enable further division of the circle. At each intersection of lines and circles is a small hole for marking with a fine tip marker.The Sewing Revolution 6/8

The Sewing Revolution(TM) is a Multi Purpose Tool.
To Draw a Shape:

1. Select the size circle required for the hexagon.
2. Place a dot on each blue line around the same circle.
3. Remove ‘The Sewing Revolution(TM)’ and join the dots.

1. Mark the centre point (C).
2. Mark 1 inch either side of the centrepoint.
3. Mark 2 inches above the centre point.
4. Join dots.

Other Shapes that can be made with ‘The Sewing Revolution(TM)’. – 3, 4, 6, 8 point stars – Rectangle – Squares – Octagon – Triangles of all types – Diamonds – many many more…

Arcs & Circles The Sewing Revolution

Floriani Heat n Stay Fusible Tearaway

Floriani’s Heat N Sta

Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder

Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder

Turn your embroidery designs into appliqu

Vilene H640 Pellon

Vilene H640 is the thickest iron-on pellon (fusible fleece). Ideal for quilts & patchwork projects, bagmaking and for relief-effect stitching. It is best used with lightweight to medium-weight fabrics.

Vilene H640 is very easy to iron and is washable and dycleanable.

There are no limits to imagination or to possible applications for this product.

Air Eraseable Pen

Clover – Chacopen Pink – Air Eraseable Pen

Chacopen (pink) comes with a convenient “eraser pen” for the immediate removal of unwanted marks.