Thread Snips



The bobbin thread for embroidery should be a bobbin-fill thread.

Loop Turner

Loop Turner

This inexpensive and delicate-looking tool is the best there is for turning narrow tubes of fabric right side out. A loop turner is basically a long wire with a tiny latch hook at the end used for making spaghetti straps, button loops, and fabric tubes for things like frogs and knot buttons (see the photo below). The tool is also perfect for retrieving elastic or cording that has gotten “lost” while being fed through a casing.

To use a loop turner, insert the long wire through a narrow fabric tube; hook the end, close the latch, and pull the hooked-end to the right side.

Loop turner Using loop turner
Loop turner To use a loop turner, insert the long wire through a narrow fabric tube; hook the end, close the latch, and pull the hooked-end to the right side.

Quilt Basting Spray

“505” Spray & Fix

Temporary, repositionable, fabric adhesive used to temporarily bond fabric. Odorless, colorless, no mist, does not gum sewing needles. Use for machine applique, quilting, basting, holding fabric to stabilizers in machine embroidery and hemming.

  • Does not gum up sewing needles
  • No mist
  • Avoids extra stiffness from fusible interfacing.
  • Eliminates sticky hands.
  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Will not make the quilt top sticky if applied to back of pattern.
  • Won’t spot fabric or foundation material.
  • Baste quilt layers quickly and easily.
  • Cleans up with soap and water.
  • Fabric can be dry-cleaned.
  • Outstanding for machine applique, quilting, and embroidery.
  • Can be used to baste quilt layers in preparation for quilting.
  • Excellent when used with tear-away continuous machine quilting patterns.
  • Holds the stabilizing interface in place for machine embroidery.
  • Does not spot fabric or transfer onto the foundation material.
  • Acid-free.
  • Environmentally friendly – contains no fluorocarbons.

Helmar 101 Quilt Basting Spray

Helmar 101 Quilt Basting Spray eliminates the need to use pins when putting quilts together.

Repositionable – Temporary bond.

Will not gum needle.

No Smell – Colourless.

Acid Free.

Ideal uses: basting, sewing, embroidery and quilting.

Entirely new formula!

An absolute breeze to use!




44″ WIDE

Suggested Uses

This fabric is scorch-proof to 360 degrees.

Fray Stopper

Helmar Fray Stoppa

This useful solvent based anti-fray glue is designed to bind fibres and is great for preventing hems and seams from fraying. Fray Stoppa is washable and sewing machine safe. Great for use with fabric buttons.

Rotary Wave Cutting Blades

Decorative Rotary Cutting Blades

Circular rotary decorative blades are designed to produce a “wave-like” pattern on the edge of the material being cut. Great for general quilting, sewing and craft projects. Popular for creating a finished edge on polar fleece. Stainless steel blade for sharpness and durability. For use on most standard rotary cutters.

Vinyl Mesh

Vinyl Mesh

Beautiful quality mesh for all types of bags or other crafts. 36in Wide. Variety of colours also great for machine embroidery.

Mexican Oilcloth

What is Mexican Oilcloth?

Floriani Stitch n Shape

Use for adding shape, form and/or dimension to tote bags, placemats, fabric bowls/boxes, hat brims, ornaments, paper dolls and more. This remarkable product will hold its shape after it is inserted between two layers of fabric. You can stitch or embroider directly through it. Items constructed with Stitch N Shape