Floriani No Show Mesh

Short Description:
One of the most difficult problems with traditional cut away stabilizers is having the ugly square show through the light coloured fabrics. This problem is solved with No Show Nylon Mesh which is made of soft, sheet translucent embossed nylon. This versatile mesh does not require multiple layers, which adds bulk. It is invisible to the eye when viewed from the front.

Eliminate the need for messy spray adhesives and enjoy easier hooping of stretch fabrics by using the Fusible Version of this product in our other products list.

“No Show” Nylon Mesh is designed for a single layer application, and features the most stable no show mesh on the market.

Available in white or beige

* Soft, sheer, stable and translucent

* Minimizes stabilizer show-through on light colored fabrics

* Just a single layer is required for best results

* Ideal for lightweight knits

* Use anywhere that softness is a consideration

* Perfect for sheer fabrics – translucent and soft fabrics

* Use it to cover scratchy stitches on the back of finished embroidery

Floriani No Show Mesh

Floriani No Show Mesh