The Sewing Revolution 6/8

The Sewing Revolution 6/8 is a 13″ circle made of poly carbonate. From the centre point there are circles that graduate out at 1/4″ intervals. The circle is divided by 45 degree lines into 8 equal segments (red lines) and by 60 degree lines into 6 equal segments (blue lines). Repositioning marks enable further division of the circle. At each intersection of lines and circles is a small hole for marking with a fine tip marker.The Sewing Revolution 6/8

The Sewing Revolution(TM) is a Multi Purpose Tool.
To Draw a Shape:

1. Select the size circle required for the hexagon.
2. Place a dot on each blue line around the same circle.
3. Remove ‘The Sewing Revolution(TM)’ and join the dots.

1. Mark the centre point (C).
2. Mark 1 inch either side of the centrepoint.
3. Mark 2 inches above the centre point.
4. Join dots.

Other Shapes that can be made with ‘The Sewing Revolution(TM)’. – 3, 4, 6, 8 point stars – Rectangle – Squares – Octagon – Triangles of all types – Diamonds – many many more…

Arcs & Circles The Sewing Revolution